See! Here I am freshly showered, writing comfortably from bed.

Except, it’s maybe been a week since I’ve showered.

I’ve never written from bed. My bed is actually still on its side, up against the wall so that I could shove all the living room shit in there while my…

It’s sucking all the life out of me right now.

“Jane, get me off this crazy thing!”

I can’t even pay attention to what is happening in the world today. The hypocrisy and idiocy running rampant is entirely too much.

I’m astounded that so many in this country are so…

As a parent, I always run when one of my children scream. My youngest, 10, LOVES to scream after he sneezes! LOL

Age calculations and date fuckups.

I have two birthday/birthdate related stories for you today!

I was at the grocery store with my 14-year-old- daughter a couple of weeks ago. She loves to go places, but (like me) has agoraphobia, so once we get somewhere, she is pretty much tied to…

Why are we sacrificing our kids?

I was astounded a few weeks ago to receive an email from my children’s school district detailing how the school year would look. The email stated they would be going back completely normal. No social distancing, masks completely optional, no smaller class sizes, all classes eating lunch in the cafeteria…

And what do you care to know?

I just had a really good conversation with my mom and oldest younger sister tonight that caused me to revisit some thoughts and ideas I had about six or more years ago.

Some people are very private about their information, and some (like…

Or why you shouldn’t want to date me

  1. I fart. I can’t help it. I enjoy farting. I just let them rip whenever, wherever. Unless I’m shopping solo in a store and someone else is in the aisle. If no one’s in the aisle, I go for it. If I have my kids with me it’s a no-brainer…

And keep losing it…

It’s been a while since I’ve written much. I have reactivated my account after putting it on hold for a while while I went through a custody case. My ex was hell-bent on digging up everything he could to prove that I wasn’t the best mother.

Read that as “I’m Done!”

Some days it seems all too much.

That was my entire last couple of weeks. Or month? Or year? (That feels a bit familiar doesn’t it?).

I set myself up with an unrealistic goal. Writing every day through the month of November. I can’t believe how fast that month went…

Aside from the fucking online school/E-learning bullshit!

As I sit here at my computer, with a glass of wine, figuring out which movie I’m going to watch on which platform from my list of “to watch ASAFP,” waiting for my traditional “Friday night dad visitation weekend cheese enchiladas” to get…

Kristin DeMarr

Single mom of 4 kids with exceptional needs. Struggling to be the best mom I can be while retaining any kind of sanity and trying to write about it all.

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